Tips on Bakery Management

Wholesale bakeries are defined as businesses that produce, manufacture, prepare, package, store, handle and transport food intended for sale or distribution to another person. Maintaining a wholesale bakery is a hard work. For proper production of cakes and pastries one needs high standards of skills. In order to keep the bakery safe and clean one has to ensure that his or her employees are well trained and qualified. The need skills in both hygine and catering, across the country there are plenty of centres offering such courses. But in order to run any successful business, there needs to be a management team. These manager need skills like being able to create a project management plan, being a team leader and other motivational skills. Any person can be trained in these skills and there are plenty of learning centres both online and offline where someone can learn such things. These comprise of the core skills needed for any one working in a bakery. A bakery also needs other pieces of equipment and skills to use them before it will be successful.

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Safety measures and equipment

A bakery should have a first aid kit and a person who is competent in giving first aid. This is important, especially when immediate care is needed in case a person gets injured by mixers, knives, or any other equipment found in the bakery. One should not keep or bring with him a container that is used to hold chemicals in the bakery because they may accidentally fall on the dough.

There should be firefighting equipment fixed in the bakery or evacuation routes in case of fire outbreak. It should also have meeting places for staff to be taught fire evacuation procedures. Several tools are required for a wholesale bakery to run smoothly. Some of them include knives, dough mixers and other mixers. There are many items needed for storage. Some of them include racks and trolleys which are used to stack bakery products.


Whole sale bakeries must obtain a license from the government to operate. There is a given fee they should pay for it. Inspection by the ministry of health is also carried out. It covers the water supply and plumbing, the hygiene and health of the employees, sanitation and maintenance of utensils and equipment. The owners are given the sanitation standards and regulation by the ministry of health.

Food labeling

Wholesale bakeries should label their products. This is so as to fulfill the requirements needed for any food production company. The label includes the expiry date and date of manufacture, products name, bakery name, a list of ingredients, the products weight and nutrition facts.

Buyers and substitutes

Whole sale bakeries supply their products to schools, supermarkets, hotels and convenience stores where they sell to them at affordable prices. There exist many substitutes for bakery foodstuffs. Some of the substitutes are breakfast cereals, rice and potatoes. Bakeries use good pricing methods to prevent consumers from switching to a substitute.

Wholesale bakeries are very lucrative businesses. If well implemented, they can rake in huge profits. This is due to the fact that a bakery is easy to run and cheap to set up. They also serve a huge consumer base. This ensures that there is market for the products at all times. Therefore, the risk of dropping sales and getting losses is eliminated, allowing the owner to concentrate on producing quality products.